Hemodialysis Water Quality (AAMI)

Association for the Advancement
Of Medical Instrumentation
Hemodialysis Water Quality (AAMI)
Total Viable Microbial Counts <200/ml
Cacium 2(0.1mEq/l)
Sodium 70(3.0Eq/l)
Potassium 8(0.2mEq/l)
Flouride 0.20 ppm
Chlorine(free) 0.50 ppm
Chloramines 0.10 ppm
Nitrate(N) 2.00 ppm
Sulfate 100,00 ppm
Copper, Barium, Zinc 0.10 ppm
Aluminum 0.01 ppm
Arsenic, Lead, Silver 0.005 ppm
Cadmium 0.001 ppm
Chromium 0.014 ppm
Selenium 0.09 ppm
Mercury 0.0002 ppm